Hello Hugo and Netlify

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Hello and welcome! I guess this is seanluce.com 2.0. 3? 4? I’ve lost count. I felt like it was time for a fresh start. So this is it. A clean slate. With a new start comes a new content platform. I kicked the tires on a few static site generators like Jekyll, Gatsby, and Pelican (you can see a pretty exhaustive list at staticgen.com if you are curious). I eventually landed on Hugo for static site generation and Netlify to build, test, and deploy. I am still getting used to the workflow, but it goes something like this:

1. $ hugo new post/title+of+new+post.md
2. $ macdown ./content/post/title+of+new+post.md
3. ## Write that blog post. (This is usually the difficult bit.)
4. $ git add *
5. $ git commit -m "adding a new post"
6. $ git push

After that final step, Netlify automatically detects the changes to my github repo and kicks off the build. Within a few seconds, the new content is live.

I can also test locally by invoking Hugo’s built in web server:

$ hugo server 

This allows me to easily make sure everything looks good before pushing to build. The entire process is really clean. All of the sites content is stored on github in regular text. It just feels light and airy…like clouds. Cute, fluffy, clouds :cloud:.