Do you have a thing for security? What about long feature names?

Have I got something for you…

‘Customer-managed keys for Azure NetApp Files volume encryption’

Yes, this long-awaited feature is finally here. Customer-managed keys (#CMK) for Azure NetApp Files volume encryption gives you the ability to fully control and manage the life cycle, permissions, and security of your encryption keys. In this video, I’ll show you the steps necessary to get started with this great new feature!

How-to: Configure customer-managed keys for Azure NetApp Files volume encryption

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You may have heard the phrase…

“Snapshots are not a substitute for backup.”

I agree. Snapshots are a point-in-time, recoverable image of your data. Snapshots are a very useful tool for data protection and recoverability, but they alone are not a complete data protection solution. You also need backup…

Azure NetApp Files backup, combined with snapshots and cross-region/zone replication, gives you a complete, cost-effective, and flexible data protection solution without the need for any 3rd party products. Everything is built-in to the #Azure portal and ready to go. Check out the video below for a quick (3 minute) overview of Azure NetApp Files backup. #netapp #microsoft #data #backup

Quick Bytes: Azure NetApp Files backup

🗺 ** Attention Cartophiles ** 🗺

Have you found yourself wondering which Azure regions have Azure NetApp Files? …or which Azure NetApp Files regions support customer-managed keys (they are available in 33 regions as of yesterday!)? ..or which region-pairs support cross-region replication? Wonder no more and check out this interactive map. You can hover over a region to get more details, click on a region to see cross-region replication pairs, and even filter for different features.

winget install jupyterlab <- install JupyterLab Desktop

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Ask HN: Employers, why do you want us back in the office? - an interesting read… valid arguments for both. Grateful I have the choice to work how and where I am most comfortable. news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3

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This is so fun... like , but you are making servers happy. :D sadservers.com

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