List all Snapshots and Export to CSV (7-Mode)

Inspired by this post written by Yann Bizeul (@ybontap), I decided to provide an example of the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit command required to get the equivalent output.

The goal of Yann’s exercise was to gather a list of snapshots and format them in a way that was easy to cut and paste into an Excel spreadsheet.

First a look at Yann’s shell command:

ssh root@ snap list -n|tr -d '\r' | sed -n -E '{/^Volume /{N;N;N;s/\n/ /g;s/.*Volume ([^ ]*).*/\1/;h;};/^---/,/^$/{/^---/d;/^$/d;G;s/(.*) (..:..)  (.*)\n(.*)/\4      \1      \2      \3/g;p;};}'

The NetApp PowerShell equivalent exported to a CSV file:

PS C:\Scripts> Connect-NaController netapp01; Get-NaVol | Get-NaSnapshot | Select-Object TargetName,Created,Name | Export-CSV -Path outfile.csv

Yann’s command works great and is very useful if you have access to a *nix shell and you are proficient in sed. However, I think it is clear how much effort could be saved by taking advantage of the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit.

Finally, I would like to thank Yann for his imformative post and I encourage you to check out his blog for more great NetApp info: YB Ontap

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  1. Nice work. I wish we had something like PowerShell on the Mac, it brings great value to scripting in general.
    Perl is more “universal” but nothing beats the PowerShell modular architecture

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